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The wine, symbol of the French culture

As a cultural jewel, the wine is one of the central elements of the French gastronomy, which is known all over the world, ancient and in the centre of the French art of living. Since Antiquity, France has produced the renowned wines. It acquired its glory thanks to the diversity of the soils, the good exposure of the vineyards, the choice of quality grape varieties and the ancestral know-how of the wine growers.

It was in the 18th century that the French viticulture started to be structured and developed. The 19th century is considered as “the golden age of wine”, marked by the development of new technology, the important progress of the production and the consumption, the enhancement of the quality, the commercial storage and the distribution.

Source of inspiration for the Greco-Latin poets and painters, the wine also became the symbol of the French culture, art of living and gastronomy.