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The beneficial aspect

The grape contains the famous polyphenols which are antioxydant like the vitamins E and C. The polyphenols in wine are 10 thousand times more active than the vitamin E. They slow down the oxydation of the lipoproteins which convey the cholesterol and at the same time, delimit the formation of the atheromatous plaque which can cause atherosclerosis.

The polyphenols participate to the regulation of the cholesterol level in our body. Their action is double: they help to decrease the level of the bad cholesterol, meanwhile these polyphenols, helped by the alcohol contained in wine, raise the level of the good cholesterol.

The wine has this astounding faculty of combining pleasure and health if we drink it with moderation. In conclusion, it possesses these virtues:
. anti-aging and antioxidant
. against cardiovascular diseases
. against cancers
. against bad cholesterol
. against osteoporosis